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Repeat After Me: Still Much Happening at Westside!

By Elizabeth Corbett, Programs & Membership Coordinator

Last month I wrote about how important rest is for recharging and regrouping. Summer’s not over, and there’s still time for lazy days and activities that help us reconnect with ourselves. I myself need to spend several more afternoons noodling around at the lake in the sunshine. I know you can make time before “summer’s over” to find something good for yourself too.

But we are moving forward with lots going on at Westside. You know about the retreat at Rock Island coming up November 15-17. All the cabins are reserved, but you can still camp outdoors (if you can brave the cold), OR just drive up for the Saturday activities. If you have ideas for a group retreat activity, please contact Elizabeth at

But coming up w-a-a-a-y before November 15 is an All Hands on Deck Cleaning Day at Westside on Tuesday, July 30. We’ll start at about 9am and work until we don’t want to anymore :) If you can’t get to church until after lunch, I bet we’ll still be around. This is a partial list of some projects we’d like to work on:

In the nursery: make it ready and welcoming for any children this fall by cleaning up the shelves and organizing toys and books.

In the conference room: whoa, this is the room that needs work! We’ll repaint where needed, move the stacks of chairs to where cubbies were, and clean up the shelves in the corner. The whole room needs a general cleaning.

In the sanctuary: we’re wanting to clean all the wax off the front table, clean the wells at the front, and straighten up behind the curtains.

If you’d like to be part of this grand adventure, mark your calendars for July 30. No need to RSVP, but if have questions, contact Elizabeth at

And coming up even sooner, this Saturday July 13 at the Bottom (2340 E Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville) from 6-8pm, you can catch ceramics works from past and current students, hear artist talks from members of the Ceramic Soul Collective, and visit the expanded ceramics studio area. Grab a friend and meet at The Bottom!

. The Bottom has been a past Share the Plate partner; it’s a black-owned and black-supportive center with a podcast, a bookstore, and lots of programs for area children (ceramics is one of them).

And our most recent Share the Plate partner, Knox Pride, hosts a Farmers’ Market on Saturday July 20 starting at South Press Coffee Mart. That’s a neat looking place to grab a coffee and bite to eat near the Knox Pride center. This is one business that started during 2020 with COVID and is still going strong!

So, yes, lots going on! It’s so nice to see so many visitors at our recent services. Please contact me at if you have any questions or new ideas.

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