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A Month of Sundays

Our Sunday service begins at 11 a.m., and is livestreamed to YouTube. Click here to visit our YouTube page. Our previous live streams are archived there as well.
Below are our upcoming service topics.

Every Sunday
Spiritual Practices 
Our early Sunday morning service featuring meditation and breathing practices, quiet singing and gentle drumming, and simple yoga movements. 

Sunday, April 28: First of Summer  Rev. Carol Bodeau 
The traditional Irish and Scottish festival of early summer, celebrated around May 1st, is known as Beltane.  Usually honored with giant fires understood to protect the rising crops and the growing livestock, Beltane is still celebrated in many places around the world.  What is rising in your life this early summer season? And what do you need to call in to protect the new growth you are hoping to nurture?  

Sunday, May 5th:  Day Against Phobias  Rev. Carol Bodeau and the Welcoming Congregation Team 
International Day Against Biphobia, Transphobia and Homophobia is celebrate on May 17th each year, and gives us an opportunity to examine our unconscious fear of things, people, and situations that are unfamiliar.  As we honor the LGBTQ community, we speak out for the value of all human life.  And we take this time to consider how our own unrecognized and unacknowledged fears and resistance can cause harm in a hurting world. 
Today is a potluck Sunday, and our Spiritual Discussion Group will meet during potluck time. 

Sunday, May 12th: Stories of the Great Mother  Rev. Carol Bodeau 
There are collective stories of ‘the great mother’ or divine feminine that have been told throughout human history.  These archetypal images give us a sense of what we humans understand as a ‘great mom.’  Let’s share some stories of both the “great mother” and also the “great moms” in our lives, as we honor Mother’s Day. 

Sunday, May 19th: The Citizen Shift    Rev. Carol Bodeau 
“When we think of ourselves as citizens rather than consumers, we’re more likely to participate, volunteer and come together to make our society stronger.”  This is the foundational premise of the New Citizenship Project.  Their “Citizen Shift” report and work since 2014 has been promoting a cultural shift from a culture of consumer ‘independence’ to citizen ‘interdependence.’  What would that mean for you, personally? And for us as a community?  Today, as we explore this, we’ll also hear some reports on our recent ‘reverse offering’ experiment.
Our Annual Congregational Meeting Follows Today’s Service 

Sunday, May 26th: Information coming soon!

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