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A Month of Sundays

Our Sunday service begins at 11 a.m., and is livestreamed to YouTube. Click here to visit our YouTube page. Our previous live streams are archived there as well.
Below are our upcoming service topics.

Every Sunday
Spiritual Practices 
Our early Sunday morning service featuring meditation and breathing practices, quiet singing and gentle drumming, and simple yoga movements. 

Sunday, July 14th: Why Black Civil Rights and the Struggle for Justice Matter  Merry Levering 
This past March, Merry Levering made a pilgrimage to the small town of Selma, Alabama to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the 1965 voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery.  She thought she was there to celebrate something that happened in history, but learned that the fight for justice still matters today.  Join us to hear her story and perspective. 

Sunday, July 21st:  Settling with Sin  Rev. Carol Bodeau 
This is the first in a series of explorations of conventional religious concepts.  How might we as Unitarian Universalists understand the concept of ‘sin’ that so many of us have rejected?  Where is the value in this traditional idea, that we might engage with in productive and meaningful ways? 
Earth Church meets at 3pm today.  

Sunday, July 28th:   Coming Home to Our Karma   Rev. Carol Bodeau 

Karma is a concept from Eastern religions that not many westerners understand well, despite the fact that we tend to invoke it periodically in conversation.   What exactly is ‘karma’ in a theological sense, and how does it make sense for those of us who are outside of the traditions which hold it as a central precept?  

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