Sunday, June 5: Let’s Talk About Guns
The tragic shootings in recent weeks in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX remind us, once again, that our society needs to address the serious issue of gun violence in our communities.  This congregation has, as many of you know, been the direct target of such violence, and we feel deeply the pain of such needless loss.  This week, we will have a discussion where we share our thoughts, our feelings, and our hopes for change. 

Sunday, June 12:  True Colors: Pride 2022 
It’s time for the annual Westside Pride festival!  This week’s event will include a short indoor service, including poems by some of our own creative Westside voices; an outdoor ceremony to inter in our Memorial Garden the stones marking the lives of Trans people killed in violence in the last year; our Pride parade around the neighborhood; and food, fun, games and activities.  

Sunday, June 19:  The Artist’s Way
Creativity is at the core of creating the world we dream of.  How can we use the tools of creative thinking and expression to generate new approaches to old problems, to unblock our reservoirs of hope and inspiration, and share some beauty and fun?  This week we’ll learn about the tools of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way  to explore new options for building a better future for us and all those yet to come. 

Sunday, June 26:  Creativity  (David Howell and Linda Fippin)