March 2020

This is our schedule of 11 a.m. services. Adult Religious Exploration ("RE") offerings are listed as well , and usually begin at approximately 12:15.

Spiritual Practices: 10am – 10:30 am each Sunday before service 
Join Rev. Carol Bodeau or Wendy Weiss each Sunday at 10am to engage in a variety of centering, spiritual practices.  Our focus this month will be on using the breath for spiritual centering. 


March 1:  Reasoning for Our Existence: George Holyoake and the History of Secular Humanism   Rev. Carol Bodeau

As we conclude a series of sermons on the topic of religious diversity, this week we explore the explicitly non-religious approach of secular humanism, which has been central to Unitarian Universalism for many decades.  Though many of us are familiar with the traditions of various theistic and eastern philosophical approaches, the story of secular humanism is less well-known, and yet it is a key part of the UU family tree.  Compassionate Conversations meets after the service today.  Today’s topic is:  Action and Reflection: A Model for Changing Times.


March 8: Rehashing and Rehearsing: The Trouble With Attention   Rev. Carol Bodeau

The human mind has a tendency to focus on either the past or the future, finding it difficult to just ‘be here now.’  And yet religious teachings, philosophical approaches, and even modern science tell us that being mindfully present in the moment is key to health and well-being.  How do we get past the intense habit of mind to either ‘rehash’ or ‘rehearse’ through our lives? Building Your Own Theology meets from 12:15-1:30


March 15:  Sin and Forgiveness

The human condition, our topic for this month, is a complex mix of positive and negative experiences.  We are at once the most amazing, creative, caring creatures and, simultaneously, capable of incredible carelessness and downright harm.  How do we balance this mix of ‘good and bad,’ and how do the concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘forgiveness’ work in a tradition that doesn’t necessarily include a theistic approach for handling such challenges? Potluck follows today’s service.  Earth Spirituality will meet during potluck.


March 22:  The Turning of the Wheel

The Wheel of the Year, central to the earth-based traditions, describes each season as part of a bigger cycle of transformation and renewal.  This week we learn about how the Spring Equinox, celebrated in the Celtic world as the season of Ostara, is part of a much bigger cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that binds all life together. 

March 29: This is Spirituality   Dr. David Howell

Are you a spiritual person? Maybe you're more spiritual than you think. There is a story that David Foster Wallace told once, called “This is Water.” In it, two young fish were swimming along, and an older fish swam by and asked, “How’s the water today?” After he left, the young fish turned to his friend and asked, “What the heck is water?” So perhaps what we do at Westside is very spiritual. Or, to paraphrase Wallace: "This is spirituality."


* If you need childcare for one of the adult RE offerings, please contact Wendy Weiss in advance.   



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