Sunday, November 27th
Annual Bread Communion  
Chris Edkins   

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our annual bread communion, we will take time to give thanks for the many, many things which make our lives rich. 
Please bring a bread item (loaf of fresh bread, biscuits with butter or jam, croissants, bagels, muffins, etc., to share in our communion.) Online participants, enjoy a bread item along with us.

Sunday, December 4th    
How the UUs Saved Christmas  
Ellen Greenwood
With our fondness for honoring all the winter holidays and for using the greeting “Happy Holidays,” we Unitarian Universalists are often accused by conservative Christians of helping to wage the so called “war on Christmas.” Surprisingly, even for some of us UUs, history reveals that quite the opposite is true. This service will explore some of the ways that UUs have contributed to Christmas traditions and how our Unitarian Universalist emphasis on social justice profoundly reflects the message of the Nativity story.
Drum Circle at 12:30 today, following our service.  All are welcome. 

Sunday, December 11th  
Rejouissance! Let us Rejoice!
Rev. Carol Bodeau  

This year, we are reflecting on all things ‘re…’:  renewal, revival, reconsidering, and remembering.  This week, we call ourselves back to joy and collective happiness—rejouissance—as we welcome the holiday season.  We will especially be preparing for Hannukah, Yule, and Christmas by considering the secular and sacred significance of celebrations of joy at the darkest time of the year. 
Holiday party and decorating the building for the holidays following our service today, from 12-2pm.  
Earth Church East Tennessee meets at 3pm today. 

Sunday, December 18th  Circle Round the Sun: Solstice Spiral 
Rev. Carol Bodeau    

Our annual ritual of walking the solstice spiral is an opportunity to embody an understanding of the cycles of the year, and the cycles of our lives.  As the earth moves into its darkest time, we light candles of hope, community, and promise of the light which inevitably returns each year.  And we spiral into the center of our sanctuary, and our own hearts, reminding ourselves of that which we hold most sacred. 

Wednesday, December 21st  from 6pm-8pm:   Yule Celebration
Rev. Carol Bodeau 

Join in this traditional celebration of the Winter Solstice. We will create an altar around a traditional Yule log, journey in vision to the lands of winter and crystalline clarity, and celebrate the inevitable return of the sun as it is reborn from the womb of night.  Ceremonial attire is welcome but optional for this earth-based/pagan celebration, and we will end the evening with sharing foods for the season.  

Saturday, December 24th at 7pm   Christmas Eve Service (details coming soon) 

No service on Sunday, December 25th