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A Month of Sundays

Sunday, March 12th    Inner Transformation or Outer Manipulation: What is Change, Anyway?   Rev. Carol Bodeau

There’s a difference between “change” and “transformation”:  whereas the former simply indicates a shift from one state to another, the latter describes a particular kind of change.  Transformation is a change to the essential nature of a thing, and often involves forces between human control.  How do we feel about these two different kinds of movement from one place, one way of being, to another?  And what actions or states of mind and heart facilitate them?


Sunday, March 19th    Eosturmonath: From Bede to Bird-Hares on the Spring Equinox   Rev. Carol Bodeau

In the modern earth-based wheel of the year, the Spring Equinox—celebrated around March 20th each year—is called Ostara, named after the Germanic goddess Eostre or Ostara.  We’ll take a look at the history of the modern narrative around this holiday, from the Honorable Bede’s 8th century history to contemporary pagan tellings of the myth of Ostara turning a bird into a hare.  This will be a look at how religious holy days and traditions come into being and change over time.


Sunday, March 26th    Shedding the Invisibility Cloak (And Why it Matters) 
Morgan Ringelspaugh
Over the past several months, services at Westside have focused on the concepts of "widening the circle" and how we, as a congregation and as individuals, show love and support for our community. These services have reflected a larger shift in our society. Whether we call it "cancel culture", "woke politics," or something else entirely, society is demanding we hold one another accountable through tangible action and advocacy. Join us as we discuss the importance of moving our verbal commitments into collective action and the power inherent in speaking these calls for change. 


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