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A Month of Sundays

Our Sunday service begins at 11 a.m., and is livestreamed to YouTube. Click here to visit our YouTube page. Our previous live streams are archived there as well.
Below are our upcoming service topics.

Sunday, October 1st: Animal Blessing Rev. Carol Bodeau 
That’s right—it’s time for bring-your-pet-to-church-day! Let’s celebrate our furry, feathered and finny friends as we honor the Feast of St. Francis, patron saint of the animals.  We’ll share our beloved pets (either pictures or the actual animals, your choice) and all the blessings they bring us, as we return the blessing to them.  
Please note: animals must be on leash or contained in carriers.  We will meet in the large classroom area, which has easily cleanable floors and access to the playground. 
Interested in membership at Westside? Join Rev. Carol and Membership Coordinator Elizabeth Corbett for an information luncheon at 12:30. 

Sunday, October 8th:  Egwanulti: Village by the River Rev. Carol Bodeau 
On September 30th, the Knoxville cluster of UU congregations hosts a visit to the Cherokee Historical Village of Oconaluftee, an educational site presented by the Cherokee people of North Carolina depicting traditional life in that region.  This week, we will learn something about our Cherokee neighbors, whose ancestors inhabited Egwanulti, the original name of a Cherokee village in the language of its people. 
If you are interested in participating in the trip to Cherokee, NC on Saturday, Sept. 30th, see our website or Facebook page for registration details. 

Sunday, October 15th:   Rainbows of Recognition  Rev. Carol Bodeau 
Each October, the United States recognizes LGBT History Month, which includes National Coming Out Day on October 11th.  One way this month is celebrated is by identifying 31 amazing individuals—one for each day of the month—from the LGBT community who have made a powerful and positive impact on our world.  Let’s look at this year’s list of honorees, and also make our own list of fabulous LGBTQ people who have impacted our lives for the better. 
Potluck follows our service today.  Please bring something to share and join us for food and fellowship. 

Sunday, October 22nd: The Alchemist, WUUC – Style  
Presented by the WUUC players 
Don’t miss this latest installment in Westside’s theatrical tradition, as we retell the traditional story made most famous by Paulo Coelho.  We’ll be talking about treasure, travelling for adventure, and finding true home.  A warm-up for our November WUUC auction event. 

Sunday, October 29th: Celebration of All Souls 
Each year, we honor those who have passed in a ritual of remembrance and love.  We will build an altar of photos and mementos, including both those who have passed recently and those who have been gone much longer.  And we also include beloved animals as well as human ancestors.  We hold them all in our hearts and minds, as we reflect on the ways they shaped our lives. 
Bring photos and/or mementos that honor those you love who have passed.   


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