January 2020

This is our schedule of 11 a.m. services. Adult Religious Exploration ("RE") offerings are listed as well , and usually begin at approximately 12:15.

Spiritual Practices: 10am – 10:30 am each Sunday before service 
Join Rev. Carol Bodeau or Wendy Weiss each Sunday at 10am to engage in a variety of centering, spiritual practices.  This month’s focus is “Movement and Body Awareness” and is accessible to all bodies, regardless of abilities. 


January 12: Talking About Death   Lorie Allion and the Death and Dying Class 

Several months ago, Lorie Allion led an Adult Religious Education class about Death and Dying, based on a UUA curriculum.  Lorie and several members of that class will share questions and insights from those sessions, along with some of their personal thoughts concerning death.


Building Your Own Theology, a course in which we explore our theological/philosophical journeys and beliefs, starts today. This course, led by Rev. Carol, allows for both drop-in and regular participation.  12:15-1:30pm **


January 19:   The Body  Stellasue Lee, Ph.D
What is the impact each living soul makes on those they come in contact with? We humans have that choice every day to make a difference. Poems also have that ability to hold the reader—tightly or gently—but never at arm's length. As human beings, we are connected not so much by our strengths, as by our woundedness. Poems give us permission to feel, then comes the magic of sharing and nobody gets left behind. 

Potluck follows today’s service.  Earth Spirituality will meet during potluck. 


January 26:    Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Justice, and YoUU     Mark Mohundro

What are reproductive rights? What is reproductive justice? Are they the same thing, and how do they play into our Unitarian Universalist principles?  Join us this week as Mark Mohundro invites us to reflect on these questions.

Building Your Own Theology meets from 12:15-1:30pm **



** If you need childcare for one of the adult RE offerings, please contact Wendy Weiss in advance.   

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