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This page contains documents that might be discussed or referred to during our Sunday service.

Samantha Monday has ongoing needs for items that will help her clients while they seek treatment and begin to transform their lives. 

-List of needed items-

Men’s underwear- M, L, XL**

Men’s pants (32-34, 34-34, 30-34, 30-32, etc)

Socks (M/F)**

Men’s Deodorant**

Sweat pants (S, M, L, XL and maybe a couple XXL)**

Leggings (S, M, L, XL)**

Women’s underwear (6, 7, 8)

Sports Bras (34, 36, 38)


Hair Brushes/combs


T-Shirts- all sizes

Toothbrush holders


Bags to transport- like canvas grocery bags**

*** are the most needed items

You can drop off these items at the church. If you have questions, email Elizabeth Corbett at

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