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Ministerial Services

Wedding Services

Officiant - Our minister, Rev. Carol Bodeau, would be happy to officiate your wedding--even if you're not having your ceremony at Westside. Contact her below to discuss your needs.

Officiant services begin at $450, and include premarital counseling, if desired.

Her fee is separate from any rental fee, and you will pay her directly.
Premarital Counseling - Rev. Bodeau offers premarital counseling for couples who are having a ceremony elsewhere, or for whom she is not officiating. Currently Knox county offers a discounted marriage license for couples who participate in premarital counseling.
The fee is $200 for the 4 hours of counseling required by the state for a discounted marriage license.  The savings the couple gets on their license is $60, bringing the total for a marriage license to $37.50.  Click here to visit the Knox county marriage license page. Contact us below for more information.

Westside Proudly Hosts Same-Sex Weddings.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services - Rev. Bodeau is honored to preside over memorial services. She will meet with you to determine the best way to honor your loved one. 

Officiant fee for Memorial services begin at $225.
Contact us below for more information.
Contact Bodeau
Rev. Carol Bodeau 2019 (2).jpg
Contact us for information about ministerial services, and premarital counseling. Please provide a preferred date for your event, and if possible, an alternate date. 

You may also use this form to inquire about holding a memorial service at Westside. Please indicate if you'd like Rev. Bodeau to preside over the memorial.

You may also use this form to inquire about Rev. Bodeau's officiant services for venues other than Westside.


For the protection of our building and its contents, most events require the hiring of our church Sexton. The docent will be on the premises for the duration of your rental. S/he will assist in chair arrangement, can operate the audio board, and can guide post-event cleanup. The Sexton fee is in addition to the rental rate. For recurring rentals: after a trial period, renters can choose to forgo a Sexton in exchange for a slightly increased rental fee. This increased fee is still less than the previous Sexton fee.


The terms "rent" and "rental" are used for the sake of brevity and understanding. However, the building is not actually rented. To utilize our space, we ask for a small donation to cover the maintenance, utilities, and materials (for example, paper products) used during your time in the building.


With this in mind, Westside Unitarian Universalist Church cannot and will not provide space to entities that are strictly for-profit, or are political in nature. Entities requesting building space must align with our Mission and Vision statement. Primarily, these entities must provide a means to improve the lives of the church community and the community of Knoxville.

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