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Spiritual Practices

Sundays, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m

For many people, a central part of participating in religious or spiritual community is sharing practices that cultivate a deeper sense of peace, wonder and connection with something greater than ourselves.  
For many years, UUs have seen such experiences as a source of inspiration, calling them “direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder.”  
Join us for a new Sunday morning Spiritual Practices service, in which we will share: 

•    Meditation and breathing practices
•    Singing, chanting and drumming 
•    Simple yoga and other gentle movements 
•    Healing sounds from Himalayan bowls and other instruments
•    Reflections on spiritual topics 
•    Learning about traditions and practices from around the world 

As we seek to find peace in the face of personal or collective suffering, as we strive to settle the chatter of our minds and sink into the presence of our hearts, and as we lean into our inner knowing, we bring compassion and care into our own lives and into our world.

Spiritual Practices for January:  Presence 
What does it mean to be fully present?  And how do we get there?  Mindfulness and other practices designed to cultivate being present in our bodies, with our emotions, and with the world around us come from many traditions.  As we kick off our new Spiritual Practices service, we will be exploring the basic concept of being present, rather than in the past or the future, or in some other ‘place’ in our minds, rather than right where we are. 

For more info, or to suggest a topic or practice we might explore, contact us.

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