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A Bit of Westside History


Westside had its beginnings in 1984, when members of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, along with the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church, expressed a desire for a UU church in Knoxville's west side.


A planning committee was formed, and TVUUC, ORUUC and the UU headquarters in Boston all agreed to contribute money to our effort to begin a new church.


The earliest incarnations of Westside's services were held in the Farragut school. The Chorus room was used for worship, and the Band room was for RE. We did not have a minister, and our services were planned and conducted by our charter members.


Our first building was a storefront in Farragut, near the corner of Kingston Pike and Concord Road. It was one big room, which we soon divided up into a worship space, offices, and Religious Education rooms for the children.


We finally broke ground on our church's permanent location in 1997, and moved in the following year. Our first service in the new building was in February, 1998.


Today, Westside Unitarian Universalist Church is a vast and welcoming community of over 200 people, from all walks of life.

WUUC's first logo, which depicts
a chalice transforming into a dove. The sequence is also on display in our Sanctuary.


Rev. Carol Bodeau has been our settled Minister since 2015. Read her bio here.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Westside is governed by a Board of Trustees, chosen by our members. Meet our Board, President, and Membership Coordinator.

Westside's Ministers


     Ext. Minister-Rev. Dillman Baker Sorrells, 1987-1992

Interim Minister-Rev. Dale Robison 1992-1993

Interim Minister-Rev. Dee Graham 1993-1994

Settled Minister-Rev. Kathleen Rolenz 1994-1998

Settled Minister-Rev. Thomas Allen Rhodes 1998-2005

Interim Minister-Rev. Mary Moore 2005-2007

Settled Minister-Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh 2007-2013

Interim Minister-Rev. Morris Hudgins 2013-2015

Settled Minister-Rev. Carol Bodeau 2015-current


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