Share The Plate

In 2007, the members of Westside expressed concern that the church was not doing enough for the local community. To answer that concern, the Board of Trustees developed a model, presented it to the congregation, and “Share the Plate” was established. Each quarter, the BOT chooses a local charity from congregant suggestions.

This Quarter's Share the Plate Partner

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Knox Pride. From their website:

We are formally referred to as the East Tennessee Equality Council (Inc.), founded in 2006. We’ve grown to not only hold recurring annual events, but we are fulfilling our mission as educators, communicators, and representatives of our community through our community and outreach center, and the events that we facilitate.

Our developing community and outreach center will be another place for people to find a home base in the Knoxville LGBTQ+ community. We intend to have resources, referrals, and services to other parts of our community. Plus, we’ll host events, meetings, and allow other groups to come to use our space as a gathering center for their cause. Long-term, we envision a space where people can learn more about our pride community, come get tailored for their next interview, or utilize our food pantry if you’re someone who is in need. All of that, and more to come.

Knox Pride Festival, what we’re traditionally known for, is an open celebration of music, entertainment and speakers focused on promoting equality and inclusion for all. Throughout the weekend, vendors will have the opportunity to display information about their organization and/or business, sell or hand out items of interest and interact with our community to promote inclusion and equality for the LGBTQ+ and ally citizens of Knoxville and surrounding areas. We also host other events like a silent ArtOut auction, a Next-2-Nothing fashion show, a pride picnic, and more events throughout the year — with more added annually.

Keep reading to learn more about our wonderful board members, and some of their team members.

Church policy regarding Share the Plate (STP): 25% of loose cash, and 100% of designated cash and checks will go to STP.  If designation is in doubt, the money will go to the church’s operating fund. If you would like your check to be divided differently, please indicate your wishes on the memo line. Cash donations exclusively for our STP partner may be made using the envelopes in the brochure carousel located in the lobby.