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Justice & Generosity

To live our values to empower others, Westside partners with several local organizations that focus on justice, equity, and improving the lives of others.

The Bottom

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The Bottom is a Black-owned, Black-centered community center in Knoxville. They offer art classes, podcast space, summer camps, a book store, and more. While not affiliated directly with Westside, we offer occasional financial support through our Share the Plate program, and as-needed support for their endeavors, including promotion of events and volunteer resources. We hope to continue to grow this relationship in the future.
Learn more about The Bottom at their website.

One of our members at a

recent Community


event at

The Bottom.

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Current Generosity Project:
Family Promise


We are working with Family Promise of Knoxville to provide holiday gifts for children in families that are unhoused. If you'd like to participate, please see our newsletter for 
more information.

Bridging the Gap

Samantha Monday of the Knox County Sheriff's Department has ongoing needs for items that will help her clients while they seek treatment and begin to transform their lives. 

-List of needed items-
Men’s underwear- M, L, XL**
Men’s pants (32-34, 34-34, 30-34, 30-32, etc)
Socks (M/F)**
Men’s Deodorant**
Sweat pants (S, M, L, XL and maybe a couple XXL)**
Leggings (S, M, L, XL)**
Women’s underwear (6, 7, 8)
Sports Bras (34, 36, 38)
Hair Brushes/combs
T-Shirts- all sizes
Toothbrush holders
Bags to transport- like canvas grocery bags**

*** are the most needed items

If you would like to donate these items, please email
Elizabeth Corbett at

Food Bank Donations

We have a basket in our lobby for food donations. We drop those donations off at Farragut Christian Church’s food pantry.
If you'd like to donate, here are some of their most-needed items:
Hamburger Helper, tomato sauces, Vienna Sausage, canned Chef Boyardee products, raisin bran, corn flakes, oats.  They do not need super large sizes of food packages.

Single regular boxes of any type of cereal (not large boxes or double boxes) are perfect.
Smaller jars of peanut butter, for example 16 oz or maybe a little larger
  Jelly is popular: 16 oz or smaller size, or squeeze bottles if available,
16 and smaller sizes of mayonnaise,  
Fruit is popular and appreciated.  
no sardines.
And what ever regular sizes our congregation wants to donate!

To learn more about their Food Pantry, Visit their site.

Share The Plate

In 2007, the members of Westside expressed concern that the church was not doing enough for the local community. To answer that concern, the Board of Trustees developed a model, presented it to the congregation, and “Share the Plate” was established. Each quarter, the BOT chooses a local charity from congregant suggestions.

This Quarter's Share the Plate Partner

ICO Mac and kids with hiking poles.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 3.54.46 PM.png

Knoxville Inspiring Connections Outdoors (formerly known as Inner City Outings)

Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors is a community outreach program that provides opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world.

In 2019, Knoxville ICO led 43 outings for a total of 922 youth experiences and 120 adults and teachers experiences.
Knoxville ICO works with 7 different partner agencies.
Knoxville ICO is an all-volunteer organization and is responsible for all of its own fundraising. ICO Volunteers put in over 730 hours of service on outings.
Knoxville ICO is one of 50+ Inspiring Connections Outdoors groups nationwide that are part of the Sierra Club’s national outreach program.
Knoxville ICO’s volunteer trip leaders receive safety, First Aid, and Sierra Club certified Outings Leader training and must pass a background check.
TRM Logo
Our Knoxville Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) Program of the Harvey Broome Group was proud to have been selected as the Three Rivers Market October 2018 Nourishing Change Program recipient. The Nourishing Change Program collects donations by asking customers if they want to contribute by rounding up their bill at the cash register to the nearest dollar. The “change” collected during October added up to nearly $7,000. These change donations help provide more than 50 outings for low-income youth over the next year. The Inspiring Connections Outdoors program allows youth to discover the beauty and learn about the importance of wild places for sustainability, to treasure them, and to enjoy these areas without harming them.

Church policy regarding Share the Plate (STP): 25% of loose cash, and 100% of designated cash and checks will go to STP.  If designation is in doubt, the money will go to the church’s operating fund. If you would like your check to be divided differently, please indicate your wishes on the memo line. Cash donations exclusively for our STP partner may be made using the envelopes in the brochure carousel located in the lobby.

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