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Westside Has Rooms For Your Next Event!

We do so much more than weddings at Westside! Classes, workshops, music lessons, educational co-operatives--we have the space for all of the above. If you have big needs, rent our big space, the Sanctuary. If you'd like a more intimate setting, choose a room in our religious exploration wing.

For Large Events & Parties

Sanctuary - Our peaceful Sanctuary is well-suited for the joyous occasion of a wedding, and also the solemnity of a memorial service. Other typical events held in our Sanctuary include neighborhood meetings, holiday parties, large classes and seminars, family reunions, graduation parties, public speaking engagements, community forums--even baby showers!
A Sanctuary rental includes the use of our many long dining tables and tablecloths, as well as our sound system. 
Note: If you are serving food at your event, it is usually required to rent our kitchen as well.

Sanctuary Configured for a Party

Kitchen - Our kitchen is generally rented in conjunction with another event. A serving window connects with the Sanctuary. Features 2 ovens, microwave, gas stove, professional-grade dishwasher, coffee maker, double deep sink, refrigerator. You must provide your own teas and coffees.

Kitchen rentals include the use of our supply of dining & flatware, glasses, and mugs. NOTE: Our kitchen is not licensed for commercial use. Food prepared here cannot be sold to the general public; but it can be prepared and sold/consumed as part of a class, workshop, or events held on the premises.

For Smaller Groups, Seminars, and one-on-one meetings

These are our "Religious Exploration" rooms, and on Sunday mornings, they're bustling with children AND adults, learning about spirituality and faith in a very large world. But Mondays thru Saturdays, these rooms are available to rent. We've hosted co-ops, mommy-and-me exercise classes, girl scout troops, seminars, and more.
Note: These rooms are not suitable for parties.
Note: Light refreshments can be served in these rooms.
Adult Religious Exploration Room - Features two conference tables that can seat ≈ 15 people. Also features 2 couches and 2 chairs. This room is perfect for small meetings, lessons, or one-on-one counseling. Additional seating available. The piano in this room is available for instructional use.
Elementary Room - Our longest room can be configured for larger classes. Typical uses include exercise classes, seminars, and small group lessons. Stackable plastic classroom-style chairs as well as additional tables are available. The piano in this room is available for instructional use.
Nursery - This room can only be rented in conjunction with another room. Appropriate for children age 0-3. Includes: Private bathroom, changing table, sink, child-sized table, stationary exersaucer, many children's books and age-appropriate toys. Max occupancy: ≈ 8 children.
High School Room - This cozy space is great for private lessons, counseling, or tutoring. Features: Two comfortable futons, miniature refrigerator, sink. Additional seating available.
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Rental Rates

  • Rental Fee: $150 for the Sanctuary. This includes full use of all chairs, tables, and tablecloths, as well as the sound system.

  • Kitchen Fee: $50 REQUIRED IF SERVING FOOD IN THE SANCTUARY. This includes full use of all plates, glasses, and flatware. Also included are the sinks, dishwasher, and coffeemaker. (You must provide your own coffee/tea.)

  • Damage Deposit: $50.  Any rooms used must be returned to their previous state (or better). Chairs returned to original configuration, floor vacuumed, dishes washed, dried, and stored, coffeemaker cleaned, etc. Once the church Sexton confirms that everything is ok after the event, the deposit will be returned via check within 30 days.

  • Classrooms: Any rooms in the RE wing are available for $40.

  • Early Entry: For a fee of $50, access to the building may be granted 1-2 days early for preparation/decoration, if Westside's schedule allows and there are no other events.


Required Additional Fee

Church Representative: $15/hr fee for a church Sexton to be on-site during the rental, plus 1/2 hr. before and 1/2 hr. after. 1 hour minimum.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.


Recurring events have a different fee schedule than one-time events.

Want to get married at Westside? Click here.


For the protection of our building and its contents, most events require the hiring of our church Sexton. The Sexton will be on the premises for the duration of your rental. S/he will assist in chair arrangement, can operate the audio board, and can guide post-event cleanup. The Sexton fee is in addition to the rental rate. For recurring rentals: after a trial period, renters can choose to forgo a docent in exchange for a slightly increased rental fee. This increased fee is less than the previous docent fee.


The terms "rent" and "rental" are used for the sake of brevity and understanding. However, the building is not actually rented. To utilize our space, we ask for a small donation to cover the maintenance, utilities, and materials (for example, paper products) used during your time in the building.


With this in mind, Westside Unitarian Universalist Church cannot and will not provide space to entities that are strictly for-profit, or are political in nature. Entities requesting building space must align with our Mission and Vision statement. Primarily, these entities must provide a means to improve the lives of the church community and the community of Knoxville. If you are unsure if your workshop, seminar, or class (or anything else) meets our requirements, please don't hesitate to ask. We will work with you.

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