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It's Camp Planning Season!

Are you ready for summer?! Our much loved Harry Potter themed summer camp “Westside’s Wizarding World” planning is underway! We’re getting excited about all of the fun things that are brewing, especially welcoming all the returning and new campers. Camp will be held on June 24-28 from 9 am - 2 pm. We’re working on registration materials now, so our online registration will be open soon! Check the Westside website for the latest updates ( So, for the next few months, our Summer Camp Planning Committee will be meeting and creating another magical camp of fantasy and fun. Honestly, we all have as much fun creating the classes and activities for camp as the campers have doing them. We’re all Harry Potter fans ourselves, so creating classes for Potions, Herbology, and the Care of Magical Creatures turns us all into big kids.

We can always use help throughout all the various phases of camp, from planning, to set up, to running camp. We’d love for you to join us and join in on all the fun. Our next planning meeting is Sunday, March 31 at 12:15 pm. We’ll be working on the schedule and figuring out who can do what. If you’d like to help with any part of it, we can always use extra adults for the following: • Assist with classes • Lead classes • Clean up at the end of each camp day (1:30-2:30 pm) • Create materials for camp (we usually have two camp workdays before camp in which we make/organize materials for camp activities) • Camp set up day on the Sunday before camp (June 23, after the service) • Camp clean-up day, 2-4 pm on the last day of camp (June 28) • Buying materials—if you love to shop for craft supplies, you’re our best friend! • Just be an extra adult on hand for a few hours, a half day, or a whole day We cannot express enough how helpful it is to have several adults present each day, beyond our core group of teachers, to keep an eye on all the moving parts of camp as it is happening. Having extra people around lets us give more one on one attention to our campers and is a chance to be a positive role model and make connections with these awesome campers.

If you’d like to be a part of camp, please contact Wendy at or 865.226.9191.

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