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Summer Greetings

The dog days of summer are here, that time of year when Sirius, the “dog star” and largest and brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, appears to rise just before the Sun. Ancient Greeks associated its return to the night sky to fever, disaster, and war. Ancient Egyptians worshiped it as the goddess Sopdet, and it heralded the annual flooding of the Nile. For Westside, it is something more mundane. This time of year, we burn our fingers on seat belt buckles, pick ripe red tomatoes hot off the vine, and

begin a church year anew. Len Walker, Anne Harvey, and Shirley Vogel are rotating off the Board, and we welcome Suzanne Molnar, Chris Edkins, and Linda Hayes as our new Finance Chair, President Elect, and Trustee. Take a moment, if you would, the next time you see them to shake their hand and thank them for the hard work they have done and continue to do for Westside. The new Board has had our first meeting for the year, and I look forward to continued collaboration with our excellent team of trustees.

No board would be successful without the buy-in of the congregation they serve. During board meetings this past year, we discussed some possible organizational structure changes that we want congregational input on. Watch this space as we plan for possible potluck conversations or a congregational meeting.

I read somewhere that the hardest year of a relationship is the one you’re in. Westside has had its challenges, and no doubt there are challenges ahead of us, but the thing that stays constant is the heart of our people and our devotion to living out our values within our community. I am continually impressed at the willingness of our members and friends to step up. We take action, we put our hard earned cash towards causes that need support, we identify problems and work toward solutions.

Rolling up our sleeves does double duty at this time of year. It keeps us cool, and gets us ready for the tasks ahead. I look forward to embracing those in my new capacity as president.

Yours, Gillie

P.S. Did you know that Board meetings are open meetings? If you want to sit in and observe Westside governance, you are welcome to join us on third Sundays at 9 am.

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