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Expressing What We Love

At the intersection of our current “Creativa” theme and the time of year when we celebrate love is a spectacular space for discussion around how we express love. Valentine’s Day may be filled with cards and flowers and chocolates, but - thanks to the Westside Choir - it’s also now filled with a brand new song professing our love for family, friends, nature, music, and community. If you were there to hear it this past Sunday, I’m sure you heard the sincerity of our song. If you weren’t here are the lyrics:

Mountains, trees, rivers, sky

Children, family, laughter and friends

Puppies, kittens, flying squirrels

Making music in harmony


Simple. Poignant. Beautiful. I’ve already been asked when we’ll perform it again. The words resonate with so many of us because they came from our community. In fact, our process for creating the song was to spend time during a choir rehearsal just talking about all the things we love. Then I tried to pull keywords into rhythmic lines and picked a simple chord pattern. Geoff helped us develop simple melodies for each line. Just like that, a song was born - from a group of folks that had never written one together. Then we took it a step further and shared our original composition with the congregation to spread that love.

I challenge you this week to create something - a song, a poem, a piece of art, a sculpture - to profess what you love. What are the things you love? I hope you’ll share what you create with others and spread the love.

Comments or questions about our music ministry? Email me at

Make a joyful noise!


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