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Can You Hear Me?

Testing… testing… Is this thing on? Can you hear me? Is anybody listening?

Consider this my mic check. I’m testing whether you can hear the sound of my voice. Or, more specifically, I’m wondering how you’re hearing Westside’s music lately. I’m quickly approaching my first full year as your Music Coordinator and I’d love to know how we’re doing.

So, take a moment in the next week to let me know how music is going for you. Do you feel like music is enhancing your worship experience? Are there certain songs or hymns you connect to more than others? Perhaps you know some musicians you’d like to hear join us in worship? Maybe you’re interested in being a greater part of our music program? Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome!

Take a moment to give your feedback at I’m looking forward to our continued shared music ministry.

Make a joyful noise!


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