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Music Notes from Anne

Anne Scott, Choir Director

In Community

It's been a hard, tragic week as we try to make sense of the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history. I have spent time feeling angry, fearful, and hopeless. Last night, I attended an interfaith vigil held in Oak Ridge. We sang, prayed, read scripture, listened to the names of the victims (including the shooter), lit candles, and held the silence. And, there - in community - I finally felt the strength, compassion, and hope that I had been seeking this week.

In community, we gather.

In community, we grieve.

In community, we are restored.

Community is so powerful. We affirm that we are not alone in our suffering, our questioning. We share the hope and love we have to give in times of uncertainty. We strengthen and comfort one another. We prepare together for the work ahead to bend the arc of the world toward love and justice.

In community, we gather.

In community, we worship.

In community, we celebrate.

In community, we will gather on Sunday, July 31 for ALL MUSIC SUNDAY. In the time we share together that morning, we’ll explore community, collaboration, and connection through song. This service is a reflection of our entire community - a way to bring us together and strengthen us for the work ahead.

There are just a few weeks remaining to submit your suggestions for musical selections so we can weave your ideas into the service. What hymns help you connect with our congregation and the wider community? What songs reflect collaboration and communication? YOU are invited to be a part of creating our service by sharing your ideas.

By July 1, email me ( your suggestions - or place them in the music mailbox - on songs that fit our service theme of connection, collaboration, cooperation, and communication. We will weave what we can into the service and, if the ideas overflow the space of one service, we’ll use them for music programming at other times during the church year. Musicians and non-musicians alike are encouraged to send in ideas.

In these times of trouble, I hope you’ll join me in crafting an ALL MUSIC SUNDAY that is uniquely Westside and restores our souls with a deep sense of connection to our church community and the wider world. Remember to send your ideas by July 1.

Make a joyful noise!


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