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Morris' Musings


Rev. Morris Hudgins, Senior Minister

I recently attended a conference on Multi-Culturalism in Durham, NC. I stayed with my daughter, Cara, and her family, Bill, and my granddaughter, Renee. The last night before returning home I dreamed of driving off a cliff and into a lake.

As I was returning home and afterwards I reflected on the meaning of this dream. I checked some resources on the internet and learned that falling dreams are quite common. I was encouraged to reflect further on the meaning of this dream for me.

Was this dream the result of the recent vote by Westside? That my leadership was diminishing after the call of your new minister, Rev. Carol? As I thought about this, I concluded this was my job: to help the congregation prepare for your next minister. I should be happy! The process went well. Rev. Carol is loved by the congregation. I enjoy working with her, and will continue to do so for eight more months, before I retire.

Was this dream a questioning of my decision to retire next year? Should I plan to do another Interim? I have been asked if I would consider helping churches out in emergency situations. I have said I would. Should I question this decision? Another question: Am I losing control in my personal life? Do I need to do something to gain more control?

All of these questions are important. Did this dream mean something important for me to give my attention? On the other hand, maybe the dream just reminded me that driving on the highways back to home can be dangerous. I need to be careful. In the end, that is my conclusion. That is what I did. I returned safely home and back to a profession I love with people that tell me they appreciate what I do and am glad I am here in West Knoxville. What more can I ask for? Maybe less falling off a cliff dreams.

Rev. Morris Hudgins,

Accredited Interim Minister

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