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With Gratitude to Wendy

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

By Rev. Carol Bodeau

Dear friends,

Today, I share some news that is exciting for one of our own, but a bit sad for Westside. Our beloved Director of Programs and Membership, Wendy Weiss, will be ending her time at Westside on July 8th. Her last Sunday with us will be this coming Sunday, July 4th. Wendy has new horizons opening before her, and opportunities beckoning. She will share more with you in her blog next week, but I wanted to take this opportunity to honor Wendy’s service to this community, and invite you to do the same.

Wendy began serving as Director of Religious Education at Westside the same year I became the settled minister, in 2015. Over time, her role evolved into working more deeply with Religious Education/Exploration for all ages, including programs for adults, and eventually to heading up our membership programs. She has been a strong voice for social justice in the congregation and in our programs, has created new traditions including our annual Winter Solstice Spiral, and has been an innovative leader in our learning and fellowship programs. She will be missed, but I hope you will join me in sending Wendy off with wishes for a wonderful next chapter on her journey.

To fully honor Wendy’s service, and give everyone a chance to see her before she departs, we will be holding a celebration of her time at Westside on this Sunday, July 4th. Please consider joining us for either the 10am outdoor service, which will include our annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast and service led by Chris Edkins, or our virtual service at 11am. At either time, you can thank Wendy for all her good work and join me in wishing her well.

The last year and a half has brought many, many challenges and changes. We can only begin to understand just how different things may be in our lives and our communities after so much societal shifting. But with each change and loss, new opportunities arise. We wish Wendy well as she greets the new opportunities coming her way, and send her off with deep gratitude for all the gifts, talents and hard work she brought to Westside.

Rev. Carol

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