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The Work of the Season

By Rev. Carol Bodeau

Happy Holidays, everyone!

The season of many holidays has begun. Diwali has passed, Thanksgiving feasts are already done, and Christmas trees and lights are sprouting up everywhere. Hannukah and Christmas and Kwanzaa are just around the corner. It’s a time of celebrations, of family gatherings, of fun and food and festivities.

And for many, it is also a time of sadness, of shame, and of hopelessness. There are people in our community, in our neighborhoods, and even in our homes, who are suffering this season—perhaps from depression, from financial challenges, from physical crises, or from any number of other struggles and difficulties.

The core values that the human family tries to encourage at this time of the year are essential tools for dealing with the pain and suffering in our world: hope, commitment, faith, service. This season, we have the opportunity to look beyond our own needs and desires and reach out to those around us who are struggling.

At Westside this year, the Board, the Worship Team, the Stewardship Team, and the Committee on Ministry are all thinking about how we can take WUUC into the third decade of the 21st century with a new sense of passion and purpose, and a revitalized commitment to our mission. Let’s begin this holiday season with finding ways to reach out into our families and communities, looking behind the sometimes false face of enforced celebration, and really connecting with those who are struggling. At Westside, our holiday party on Dec. 15 will give us all opportunities to give back to the community—our mitten tree with provide options for giving to local agencies, and our card-writing project will allow you to reach directly out to children and families who are struggling.

Please join with us not only for the celebrations, but for the service to others, as well.

Wishing you a peaceful, rich, beautiful holiday season.

Rev. Carol

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