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Ho, Ho, Ho, the Love Does Flow!

By Elizabeth Corbett, Programs & Membership Coordiator

Yes, Westsiders, you all are incredible! I wasn’t able to attend the service last Sunday the 10th, but I hear it was fun with the decorating and the green/environmental focus and the food and the generosity (note to self, the Miami airport is not the best one to travel through if you have a tight connection). So yes, the winter Justice and Generosity Project of shopping for Family Promise kids turned out well. Many more of you volunteered to bring in gifts than we had children to buy for (another note to self, sign up for more than four children next year!). Anne and I had so much fun looking at onesies for newborns and oohing and ahhing over their cuteness. A few pictures from Sunday’s festivities:

And another quick reminder about the ongoing Justice and Generosity Project–filling the food donation basket in the foyer. Alice and Jerry Thornton take what we collect to another Farragut church that then stocks a food pantry. I came across an article about what food pantries need, and here are some ideas if you’re tired of picking out chicken soup and peanut butter (but chicken soup and peanut butter are needed!):

● flour, sugar, salt and pepper, and other basic herbs and spices (cinnamon, oregano, garlic and/or onion salt)

● olive oil or other cooking oil

● anything that is appropriate for a special diet, such as cashew butter, gluten free bread, sugar-free jam or cookies

● baby food and formula

Keep that love a-flowing and the basket filled all winter long!

In the December 3rd service, Reverend Carol spoke of how to adopt more green practices at this time of year. She and other Westsiders contributed lots of helpful ideas. I wasn’t at that service either, but I have a few more ideas you might consider:

● an added bonus of live Christmas trees is that you can recycle them through the City of Knoxville and Knox County, and they are made into mulch. You can start to leave them at your curb after January 1.

● or, if you don't do that, you can put the trees in your yard and feed the birds under them and create another little micro ecosystem.

● a relatively new place in South Knoxville that sells local products is Farm South. Its owner is a former colleague of mine, and her store carries meat, cheese, eggs, bread, veggies, fruit, and TO-DIE-FOR baked goods-all from local vendors. Along with those items, she has lots of seasonal gifts and things to use around the house. The store is on Tipton Station Road and is open only Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

● And one of my favorite places, The Good Neighbor Shoppe in Lenoir City. All of their inventory is donated and reasonably priced. And beautiful with lots of brand names (J. Crew, Liz Claiborne, Chico’s, Calvin Klein, Nike, etc). What I love about The Good Neighbor Shoppe is that they have donated to local organizations that help people in need for years. They’re located on Leeper Parkway and closed on Sunday and Monday.

We’re looking for ideas for Justice and Generosity projects for the new year, so let me know of any ideas you have. I also welcome comments and questions in general 🙂. You can email me at

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