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Get Your News About the Connection Auction Here!

By Elizabeth Corbett, Programs & Membership Coordinator

I hope 2024 is treating you well so far and that you are keeping up with any resolutions you made. I made one resolution, and I’ve written some reminders on my calendar to help me remember to do it. That’s a good way for me to keep up with resolutions or new ideas. What works for you when you’re adding something new to your schedule or routine?

Westside’s president Linda Fippin wrote a few weeks ago about how things are so busy around the time of the holidays, and it seems after a deep breath, things are staying pretty busy at Westside for the next few weeks. Next up on Westside’s schedule is the yearly auction on Sunday, January 21, right after the church service. The theme of this year’s auction is tied to Westside’s new slogan or tag line, Love Unites, Caring Connects, Community Thrives. Here are some things to look forward to:

Potluck lunch: It's the third Sunday, so you bet we’ll be having our potluck! Can you think of a dish from your past, something that connects you to a former community or family member? How about that casserole your mom made while you were growing up? Or a favorite dessert you’d eat with your grandparents? My paternal grandmother always brought pineapple upside down cake to our house when she came to visit, but I’m thinking I might try my hand at some steamed brown bread my mother used to make on snow days when I was younger. Can you bring something like that to the auction, something that speaks of connection to you?

Entertainment: What’s one of Westside’s auctions without entertainment? We’ll be offering a talent show this year, and it’s your opportunity to thrive amid the rest of Westsiders! What can you do that shows one of your talents? Whether it’s juggling, playing an instrument, doing bird calls, rapping, or simply reading a favorite poem, we are ready for you! Each act is only four minutes; contact Yetta Jager at to sign up.

Match Game: Here’s another way to connect to (and love) Westsiders! It’s so easy…think of some simple fact about yourself, maybe the weirder the better, that no other Westsider may know about you, and at some point during the afternoon they’ll be an opportunity to match up facts to the names. You don’t have to submit a fact to play the matching part, but it’s a lot more fun if many people submit facts. Two ways to submit: Anne Harvey will have paper forms to fill out at the service on Sunday, or you can submit them electronically using this form. Deadline to submit is January 15.

● OMG, and the auction: I saved the best for last! This is where we can unite and connect and thrive as we share experiences, swap some goods, and (hee hee) bid against each other in a gentle rivalry. As usual, we will have both a silent and live auction, and some offerings will be fixed price. Think about what you can offer: a batch of brownies for Valentine’s Day, a handyman service, a movie and discussion afterward? How about a few lessons on how to knit? A tutorial on how to use a phone app? Or three pretty bouquets of flowers from your garden come spring? It’s also easy to ask a business (movie theater, restaurant, clothing or shoe store, bakery) to donate a gift card/certificate. The deadline to submit items is January 18. Email the auction team with a description of your donation at

And if you’re thinking, well, my budget’s pretty tight right now and I can’t handle any more expenses, just come for the fun! There are often lots of events that are offered at a fixed price of $5 or $10. One purpose of the auction is to get to know each other and to enjoy all the fun we have together. If you have any questions about the auction, email the team at

And if you have any suggestions for a justice and generosity project for the spring, contact me at

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