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A Green Holiday Season

By Rev. Carol Bodeau

Happy Holiday Season!

As we enter into the season of so many holiday traditions, we at Westside have been thinking a lot about how to be ‘greener’ and more sustainable in our practices (both in our own personal lives, and as a community). In our Sunday service this last weekend, we talked about a number of ideas for making your holidays more earth friendly. So here’s a list of resources you might consider as you head into the holidays. And explore around on the internet—there’s a lot more out there to help us make the holidays more green and healthy for the whole web of life.


Rev. Carol

General ‘green holiday ideas”

o (this one has actual shopping and products, from things like candles, socks, paper, kitchen supplies to wood burning stoves)


Gifts and General Products:

o If you’re looking for sustainable shoes (to wear or donate)

o UU General Assembly giftcards at

o Who Gives A Crap toilet paper (donating toilets in developing countries with the proceeds of every sale of sustainably produced TP)

o Grove Collaborative. Sustainable products responsibly packaged and shipped.

Dark Sky projects:

Unsubscribing from Catalogs

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