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Starting Point Starts Anew

Our first round of Starting Point has concluded, and we’re ready to start up fresh. There was so much we didn’t even get to, that we have plenty of areas still to explore. What we found is that the material is thoroughly thought-provoking and warrants taking time to slow down, be reflective, and really explore the greater meaning of it all.

Starting on July 14, we’ll begin again and revisit some of the topics with a fresh perspective as well as reach into new territory. Starting Point really is about orienting to our own journey of spiritual development and exploring our journey with others. I spoke with Kayla Ringelspaugh about her experience with Starting Point and she has so much enthusiasm, that I want to share her words:

“Starting Point is one of my favorite things that I’ve experienced in a really long time. It’s a great place for anyone to begin or delve deeper into the discussion topics we cover. Each session is more and more interesting, and I always come out with something life affirming; there is always something that sticks with me that I continue to ponder over the weeks that follow.

I really do encourage everyone to join in—it’s always a good session and time among friends. We really get to know each other. Without Starting Point, my now good friend and I likely wouldn’t have connected so quickly. Starting Point is a way to connect with myself and spiritual meaning while creating that sense of community within Westside.

I’m so thankful for Starting Point for my own spiritual development. I want more people to join us—a lot of people could benefit, even if they’ve been on the spiritual path for a while. There are always new things to pick up. It’s not the Starting Point; it’s a Starting Point for further discussion, reflection, and connection amongst ourselves.”

Starting Point will meet on the second Sundays of each month from 12:30-2 pm. The sessions are always open to anyone who’s interested, whether you’ve attended from the beginning or have dropped in from time to time or haven’t made it to one yet. We’d love for you to join us!

Sunday, July 14

Sunday, Aug 11

Sunday, Sept 8

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