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Moving Into Fall

This coming Sunday is the Corn Moon, the name of the full moon that falls in August. It marks a time for the grower to start harvesting that which has been planted, and setting aside some of that harvest for the winter that is to come. It’s a time to celebrate the bounty and reflect on the hard work that led up to the harvest. It’s hard to think that fall is around the corner with highs in the 90s, but school is back in session, and I’m already seeing jack o'lantern decorations being sold at the grocery store. At this time, we at Westside also have reason to celebrate hard work coming to fruition. After many months of edits and collaboration, we have a revision of the Bylaws for the congregation to review and improve. It includes tighter language and includes some changes that better reflect how we function as a church. Approval will require a special congregational meeting prior to our usual meetings in the spring. Be on the lookout for announcements of date and time, as well as opportunities to learn about what’s in the new revision and have any questions you have answered.

The Endowment Committee and Stewardship Committee have also been hard at work taking a look at our endowment plan that was passed by the congregation back in 2006. We have been going through it line by line trying to figure out what is working and what can work better. This is also an issue that we need the congregation’s input and approval on, and will be on the agenda of the special congregational meeting.

Lastly, fall being around the corner means that the board will soon be choosing the share the plate partner for the last quarter of the year. We have had several submissions that tie in with our worship theme of immigration, but there is still time for you to submit your own. The submission box is outside of the minister’s office, or you can give your suggestion to one of the board members for consideration.

Through all the seasons of the year, I remain, Yours, Gillian

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