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Dear Westside Family: Anne's Summer Camp Letter

Dear Westside Family,

It was so great to see you all this past Sunday, all too briefly! Choir rehearsals are on summer hiatus and with our All Music Sunday early in June, it had been 6 weeks since I’d seen you - and 4 more weeks until I see you again. So I thought you might want to hear what I’ve been doing this summer!

First, I got to spend a day leading Musicology class for the Westside Summer Camp. I even played the Principles Song (aka “Do a Deer”) on piano for the kids. Those that know my piano playing ability will appreciate the level of effort. It was really fun to teach our young Hogwarts students about elements of music: rhythm and pitch. We even played games where we “decoded” some music and made up our own rhythms.

Next, for those who weren’t aware, Oak Ridge UU Church had a celebration for newly ordained Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon. Some of you may remember Amanda from her visits with ORUUC’s Mighty House Band. I was honored to plan the music for the celebration, including selecting music and rehearsing the celebration choir, along with Nancy Starr. We worked hard to prepare and had a ton of musical fun.

Then, it was off to Atlanta to an event aptly named, “The Joy of Singing.” I spent the day with other music directors - mostly from educational settings - previewing the latest choral pieces from a well-known publisher (Hal Leonard). I found quite a few pieces for Westside’s Choir! I also got some helpful tips on rehearsal management for all the choirs I work with.

Finally, I got to see YOU. And each time I have the opportunity to see you, I feel like I am returning home. Each time, I have grown from my musical journeys. Each time, you have grown from your continued spiritual journeys. It’s a beautiful dance, we do. I am thrilled to serve you and look forward to singing with you all again throughout the coming church year.

No blog post of mine would be complete without the ongoing reminder... if you have musical growth in your plans for this church year... if you love to sing, or dance, or play an instrument... won’t you share your musical gifts with Westside? Contact me: and let’s get you plugged in!

Make a joyful noise! Anne

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