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Building Bridges, Building Community

Dear Friends,

Westside has been bustling with new faces, new voices, and new energy lately!

Let’s all extend a big welcome to all the new Westsiders—both new members and friends—that have arrived in recent months. With all this new energy comes new possibility for connection, and a number of new programs that you might find interesting.

  • Building Your Own Theology: This 6 week class is all about exploring and sharing the unique path you have travelled on your own spiritual/theological journey. Running from April into May, we’ll be creating a ‘spiritual autobiography’ and personal statements about our beliefs. Please join in!

  • Community Connections: A new way of connecting and building community at Westside, this new program allows you to give and receive support, friendship and encouragement to one another. We’ll be inviting everyone to tell us what needs you might have, or what abilities and help you might be able to offer, and pairing folks up who match. Watch for more info coming soon.

  • Earth-Based Circle: Building out of our Sunday morning discussions, this group will now meet as a separate small group in the evenings and on weekends. We will hold special events, classes, and rituals for more in-depth and practice experiences of earth-based traditions. All are welcome. Our first celebration will be a labyrinth walk on the grounds to celebrate the spring equinox on Sunday, March 19th after worship.

Whether you’ve been at Westside 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years or 30, we are glad you are with us. This is a great time of new beginnings, when we have the chance to strengthen old connections and build new ones. Please take time to make a new friend at church this month, and find out new things about people you’ve known for years.

Looking forward to learning and growing together,

Rev. Carol

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