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Exciting Changes to Westside Music!

Have you noticed a slight change to my email signature lately? In addition to directing Westside’s Choir, I’m now also our Music Coordinator! As part of my new responsibilities, I’m coordinating music and musicians for all of our worship services with the help of our new music committee. Coordinating music is not just making sure the

hymns align with the service theme -- it’s about enriching the worship experience through song. Coordinating musicians is not just about confirming a pianist -- it’s about making sure the musical talents of our community are recognized and treasured. It’s an exciting time to be part of Westside’s Music Program!

As I mentioned last month, MUSIC can’t happen without U! Our music committee (Ellen Greenwood, Joel Southern, and myself) is actively seeking suggestions from our community for both music and musicians. Know a musician in our church or the wider community who may want to play a piece or two one Sunday? Want to share feedback on hymns or music that were particularly meaningful to you in a service? Please let us know!

How can music continue to enhance your worship experience? Take a moment to give us your feedback at -- and “open your ears to the song” as we continue to create beautiful music together.

Make a joyful noise!


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