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Worship MSIC. (What's Missing?)

Did you get the title yet? What's missing in our worship MSIC? It's U!

You’ve no doubt heard about our efforts to create a more multigenerational, multi-sensory worship this year. As Rev. Carol discussed in her blog post earlier this month, contemporary worship has shifted from a focus on information toward creating spiritual and emotional experiences. What better way to make spiritual and emotional meaning in worship than through music! (I might be a little biased.)

Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you’re happy? A melody you sing when you’re sad? A tune that gives you energy? The song that defines you and your life’s journey? Music is a powerful way to express the emotional complexity of our lives. (If you came to our July All Music Service, you witnessed that first-hand.)

Of course, worship music cannot happen every Sunday without musicians. Musicians of every age and every skill level. Musicians that represent all parts of our diverse community. Musicians who like to sing. Musicians who like to play guitar, or flute, or another instrument. Musicians who like to bang on stuff. Musicians like U!

We're in the planning stages of how music can enhance worship experiences this year. Is music calling U to be part of our worship MUSIC? If so, please contact me at Let’s create some beautiful music together!

Make a joyful noise!


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