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Sharing Music & Ministry

Anne M. Scott

Choir Director

I'm in Madison, Wisconsin this week attending the UU Musicians Network conference. Hundreds of UU music leaders and musicians, as well as ministers, religious educators, and worship associates, will join together to explore shared ministry. How can we better integrate our music, worship, and religious education experiences? I'm looking forward to learning new ideas from our keynote speaker - Marcia McFee, an amazing worship designer - on piecing it all together.

Of course, there's also lots of music at a music conference! I'm planning to attend workshop sessions on choral repertoire, using movement in choir rehearsals (watch out, choir!), and intergenerational music ideas. I'm also looking forward to connecting and re-connecting with UU colleagues from around the country.

The UUMN conference is also a place to fan the flames of my energy and calling to music ministry. It was during the conference two years ago that I first heard the call - the still, small voice within calling me to be a UU Music Director. I've been so lucky to find amazing mentors and wonderful opportunities like my role here at Westside to live it out.

I'm really excited to share music in community with all of you on Sunday, July 31 for ALL MUSIC SUNDAY. We’ll start the morning at 9:30am with a rehearsal for anyone who wants to be part of the Family Choir. Want to sing with the choir without the commitment of weekly rehearsals? Want to bring your children, teens, parents, grandparents, friends along? This is your chance! Show up at 9:30 to learn the two songs the choir will present during worship. Then we’ll all join together for a worshipful, musical experience at 11am.

I sincerely look forward to bringing the energy and spirit of UUMN with me on July 31 -- and continuing to share music and ministry with you throughout the coming church year.

Make a joyful noise!


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