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SpringBoard - Governance in Motion

Anne Harvey, President, Board of Trustees

Dear Members and Friends,

If you had been inside Westside this past week at 9 am, you would have heard the resounding cheer of “W-U-U-C, Hogwarts Academy!” Once again, Cindy Arnold provided a well thought out plan for a five-day camp for our youths and area youths. This year, her vision expanded to provide before and after day care for working parents. Her trust in this addition resulted in the highest enrollment since beginning the camp. Many thanks to Cindy, our Director of Education Wendy Weiss Southern, and all the Westside volunteers that made the camp a success!

Many improvements are happening at Westside over the next few weeks. The HVAC units will be replaced and the parking areas will be sealed and striped. Terry Tyler, finance chair, took the lead on these much-needed improvements. The sanctuary carpet will be replaced in July. Martha Raisanen and the Aesthetics Committee have spent many hours on this project.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me during my year as President of the Board. I enjoyed my tenure and have been enriched by my interactions with the board members. I appreciate their patience as I learned Robert’s Rules. As a classroom teacher, I have not found the need for asking for a motion to approve assignments.

For those members who have not taken part as a Westside board member, please consider taking part in this valuable contribution to our church when the need arises.

Best regards,

Past president, Anne Harvey

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