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SpringBoard - Governance in Motion

Anne Harvey, President, Board of Trustees

Hello Members, Friends and Visitors, As usual, Westside’s doors have been swinging open this past month for many events. Please be aware of events that will interest you by perusing the Westside newsletter on Wednesdays and Facebook and join in. We are fortunate that we have members who graciously share their time and interests with us.

I am glad to announce that at the Board of Trustees’ March meeting we agreed to extend Anne Scott’s contract for the coming fiscal year. Anne’s enthusiasm for music has added energy to our services. On one recent Sunday, I was sitting behind a mother and her infant. We were singing a new hymn led by Anne that was fun to sing and very lively. The mother was practically dancing with her baby. It was a joy to sing and a joy to watch this mother and child.

Another important decision made by the Board was to approve buying new carpet for the sanctuary. This project will be financed by the Home Federal construction loan approved by the congregation in May 2015. The Aesthetics Committee led by Martha Raisanen has left no carpet sample unturned. They took many considerations into account. Along with price, warranty, stain resistance, and durability, they researched adhesives, off-gassing, environmental footprints of the companies, and many more items. Provided with Martha’s extensive research, the Board chose Interface Carpet. We agreed on carpet squares that can be replaced if damaged. The dye lots are consistent if we need to buy replacements in the future. Martha interviewed local owners of this carpet where it is installed in high use areas. She reported that the carpet received high ratings. This has been a huge project for Martha and will continue to be until the last carpet square is in place. Please join the board members in thanking Martha, Gillian Hunt, Nancy Lagow, and Linda Scharf for their efforts to make Westside a pleasant and welcoming space for members and our friends.


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