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Music Notes from Anne

Anne Scott, Choir Director

Why do we sing? Endless generations have used their voices to create melody and harmony. We sing when we’re happy. We sing when we’re sad. We sing in praise. We sing in anger. We sing to soothe. We sing for freedom. We sing for justice. We sing for our lives. But why do we sing?

Here’s my start at a list of reasons why we sing in the choir here at Westside. Why do YOU sing? Feel free to comment below or email me to share your story.

1. Lifelong learning. Singing a new song, learning how to read music, getting better at singing your own part, exploring different styles of music, memorizing a song, perfecting dynamics -- these are all ways we continue to learn and grow through song. We’re always learning something new.

2. Happiness. The research is in – and singing in a choir has been shown to make you happy. Check it out: Ode to Joy: Join a choir. Science shows it’ll make you feel better. I won’t bore you with the neurochemical details, but there is something delightful about singing that can’t be denied. Personally, I’ve been transformed by choir rehearsal after a stressful day.

3. Community. Every choir I’ve ever been a part of has been a community. That synchronicity in singing the same song naturally carries over to supporting one another through life’s ups and downs. Did you know there’s research that singing actually causes the group to have similar heart rates? When Choirs Sing, Many Hearts Beat as One. Literally, our hearts beat as one. How is *that* for community? I’ve often thought if we could get world leaders to sing together, we could change the world.

4. Get involved. Are you looking for a way to get involved? Perhaps you’re new here. Or maybe you’ve been feeling a little disconnected. Maybe you’ve been searching for your voice. Or perhaps you want to be a worship leader. Singing with the choir will let you learn and explore in a supportive group.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to join our merry band of singers. We’re looking for singers of all ages and all levels of experience. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm, with our next rehearsal scheduled for February 2. Email me if you’d like to be added to our choir mailing list to find out more. Make a joyful noise! Anne

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