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SpringBoard - Governance in Motion

Anne Harvey, President, Board of Trustees

Hello Westside Members and Friends,

Westside members have been very busy lately. In addition to the commitments that our members volunteer for in our church, many members volunteered to move furniture out of the RE classrooms, the church office, the minister’s study, the kitchen, and finally the sanctuary in preparation for painting walls and floors. Also, church members volunteered to paint the RE classrooms, the church office, and the minister’s study. I regret that photos were not taken during these times. For instance, I would enjoy seeing a photo of Terry Tyler’s face when I blamed him for the paint lid that I sat on while I was scooting backwards painting floor trim. Also, I would laugh out loud to see a photo of Virginia Dearing when I asked her to wipe the dripping paint off of my shorts. Joel Southern and Brad Kurtz had amazing intellectual conversations as they painted the church office.

Please thank Martha Raisanen for making this entire project possible. Martha thought out every step of this massive project. She provided color schemes that only Beth Sandidge understood. She ordered and picked up the paint and paint supplies. She communicated and met numerous times with McLain’s, the floor painters, with patience that most us could not have mustered. And, she scheduled volunteers to move furniture and paint. She did all this while the water leak was being dealt with. And, it all worked!

As I helped other members “spruce up” Westside, I thought many times about the founding members that built this church physically and spiritually. And, I think about you during every service. Thank you.

Thanks to the volunteers that are taking part in Family Promise the week of August 16-23. Those that take part in this know that this is an emotional, time consuming, and physical commitment that makes a difference in the lives of families without homes.

Another thank you goes to those members that dealt with the water leak. It seems as if there was a new problem every day that needed to be considered.

The last three months have been very busy at Westside and we are “looking good”!


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