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SpringBoard - Governance in Motion


Anne Harvey, President, Board of Trustees

Hello Westside Members and Friends,

The torch has been passed! Wally Raisanen has moved off the Board having served three years as president-elect, president, and past president. I will miss his "straight to the point" comments. Beth Sandidge is now past president. Unlike U.S. presidents during their terms in office, her hair has not turned grey. Elizabeth Corbett will be leaving as a trustee. All the members thank her for finishing a vacant board position. Barry Shumpert joined us in January to take over the clerk's position. So, who is joining the Board? Len Walker has accepted the position of president-elect. Even though, by mistake, I took a big bite out of his Subway sandwich, we are currently on good speaking terms. Shirley Vogel will be taking Elizabeth's trustee position. When I thanked Shirley for joining the Board, she informed me that she didn't like long meetings. I told her I planned to open each meeting by reading a chapter from Moby Dick. Although she didn't comment, I could tell she was pleased.

By the end of this week, the water leak should be repaired. Thanks to Terry Tyler for overseeing this project. Also, thanks to Jonas Holdeman, Duane Kraeger, and Carol Coffey for the time and effort they put in on the project. Martha Raisanen's effort to complete the floor-refinishing project has resulted this week in a contract being approved and signed. Please let these volunteers know how much you appreciate them. The floor-refinishing will begin the week of July 27th, and we’ll need volunteers to help move things around. You can sign up using VolunteerSpot here.

As a final note, I want all the members and friends of Westside to know that I am amazed and so grateful to you for the financial support and energy that you have donated to this church. The effort that you have put into Westside has made me more committed to serve this church.

Have a Jubilant July!


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