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Morris' Musings

Rev. Morris Hudgins, Senior Minister

April 2015

Rev. Morris W. Hudgins

I recently had a conversation with Judy Winchester. She received an email from her brother-in-law, asking about the experiences of church members with treatment of Alzheimer patients with music. He had the personal experience with his wife and found it very helpful. He is now working with a nursing home to help others.

Judy and I spoke with my wife, Marti, about her experiences. Marti is a former Director of Nursing with Hospice and an Alzheimer Assisted Living Facility. Marti’s experience is that music helps the patients and loved ones to remember the past and to reconnect when such connections are difficult. I have also been on the Board of a Mental Health Facility where music was used for the treatment of the mentally ill.

I am writing this column to ask for your knowledge of anyone with the use of music or dancing to treat Alzheimer patients. Please let me know of your experiences. I will be glad to pass them along, but am also happy to keep these contacts confidential if you so desire.

Rev. Morris Hudgins

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