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Morris' Musings


Rev. Morris Hudgins, Senior Minister

March 2015

Rev. Morris W. Hudgins

I recently received a call from my colleague, Jacqueline Luck, minister of the Holston Valley UU Church, near Kingsport. Jacqueline had been shoveling snow, and had a problem with her heart. She is now recovering from cardiomyopathy. She asked if I could help by preaching for her Sunday. Thanks to Rev. Carol, I told Jacqueline I could. I will be leaving on Saturday to go to Kingsport. I filled in for Jacqueline when she went on sabbatical two years ago. I am familiar with the congregation and they with me.

I will return to Knoxville on Sunday. On the 15th, I will preach a sermon on “Epicureanism and Hedonism.” This sermon title was purchased at the Annual Auction by Yetta Jager. This is a title I never would have considered until Yetta bought it. I have had great fun researching this sermon and look forward to presenting it. Thank you, Yetta. I told my wine group at Tellico about this sermon and some will be there. Should be great fun!

Rev. Morris Hudgins

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