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Covenant of Respectful Relations

Recognizing the diversity of thought and belief in our congregation, we, the members and friends of Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, promise to:


Treat each other with respect by:

  • Taking responsibility for our own opinions,

  • Avoiding making anonymous complaints, gossiping and involving others in our personal conflicts,

  • Addressing issues and behaviors rather than people and personalities.


Engage in open and honest communication by:

  • Listening with an open mind,

  • Allowing others to speak without interruption,

  • Using “I” statements and speaking only for our selves,

  • Keeping comments brief and adhering to agreed-upon time limits,

  • Speaking in turn after thinking about what others have said.


Commit to the democratic process by:

  • Participating actively in the life and decisions of the church,

  • Honoring and abiding by majority decisions made by the church leadership and congregation,

  • Respectfully considering dissenting opinions,

  • Supporting the church with time and financial resources as able, even when disagreeing with democratically arrived-at decisions.


Attempt to resolve conflicts by:

  • Speaking directly and personally with any individual with whom we have an issue.

  • If unwilling to do this alone, asking another person (such as the minister) to be present as a neutral third party,

  • Agreeing to abide by the conflict resolution policy approved by the Board and the congregation, if the situation cannot be resolved by the above means.


Affirm our commitment to UU values by:

  • Striving to live in community according to our 7 UU principles,

  • Honoring WUUC as a unique haven in our search for spiritual truth,

  • Honoring our traditions and rituals while being receptive to new ideas,

  • Welcoming visitors and including newcomers in the life of the church,

  • Celebrating our differences and cherishing our diversity,

  • Being mindful of our Covenant in our daily interactions with each other and incorporating it into our spiritual lives,

  • Committing to do our best to live up to the ideals expressed in our Covenant.


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