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Practice Groups

Learning how to speak with others about challenges or conflicts can be difficult, especially when we don't know how to use words in a way that opens up channels for more connection. Often, when we find ourselves in difficult situations where we disagree, we tend to use words that are judging and demanding, and yet such language often shuts down the possibility for connection and resolution.  Using the methods developed by Marshall Rosenberg, in his Non-Violent Communication model, the Compassionate Communication practice group works with actual situations in our lives to find ways to speak our truth without blame or judgement.  All are welcome to attend and participate, whether you've ever tried or even heard about Compassionate Communication before.  

Compassionate Communication:  learn the skills of Marshall Rosenberg’s “Non-Violent Communication” technique. 
(after church at 12:15)    


Compassionate Communication has ended its rotation

for now. It may return in the future, if enough people

are interested. Contact us and let us know you'd like 

it to return.

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