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What the Heck is a Church For? And Do We Really Need One?

presented by
Rev. Carol Bodeau

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Every day in the US, 20 churches close their doors.  20% of all churches in America are headed that way right now. In the 21st century, do we still need churches, especially if we aren’t ‘religious’? And what purpose does a church serve in the 21st century that might be different than in the past?  This week, we will explore just how ‘church’ is changing, and how it might be of value in a changing world.

If visiting us in-person, please be aware of our
Covid-19 Protocols:

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  • There will be no Congregational singing at this time. The choir may sing without masks. If the choir does sing, we will remove the first row of seats.

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Adult Religious Exploration Classes

We offer a variety of Adult RE offerings. A few offerings are highlighted here. See our Adult RE Page, newsletter and social pages for the full listing.

Thinking About Theology
A weekly discussion of our beliefs, our paths, and the variety of religions and spiritual perspectives found in among UUs.

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This class meets on Wednesdays.
Open to anyone who wishes to join; led by Rev. Carol 

Email Rev. Carol at​ to join the class.

Earth Church at Westside

Next meeting: October 23 at 3 p.m.

Join Rev. Carol Bodeau for an earth-centered gathering each month close to the new moon.  We will sit in a sacred circle, share experiences of inspiration in nature, create ritual together, and set intentions for the coming month.  Then we’ll have time for food and fellowship. 

Meetings outdoors (weather permitting) 
at Westside at 3pm
On the Sunday closest to the New Moon.

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See below for Samhain celebration info.

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Westside is part of the Wild Church network. Learn more here.

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Community Events

Welcome to Westside Info Session!

Oct. 9th after the service

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  • Find out about the Unitarian Universalist Association.

  • Learn about the Seven Principles that guide us.

  • Explore the history of UU's. Review our mission and vision statements.

  • Learn about our programs outside of Sunday service.

  • Think about how you can contribute to Westside!

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Samhain Celebration Sunday Oct. 30 6:30p

Samhain gives us an opportunity, no matter what we believe about the mystical realms and traditions, to experience a little magic in our lives. Come connect with nature, and your inner nature, in magical ways! Formal Samhain Ritual at 6:30pm (outdoors with a fire, weather permitting).  All are invited and ceremonial dress is welcome, but not required.  

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What is Unitarian Universalism, Anyway?

Unitarian Universalists are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, atheist and agnostic, believers in God, and more.