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BOT Counting Our Blessings

By Chris Edkins, President of the Board of Trustees

What good news the Westside Board of Trustees had to celebrate at the last board meeting on May 17th. Our wonderful nominating committee led by Alice Thornton and president elect Gretchen Wingerter presented a full slate of candidates to recommend to the congregation for next year’s board. Susan Molnar announced that we had met our pledge drive goal for this year. Charlie Dudney confirmed that the church obtained a forgivable loan from the paycheck protection program to help pay our staff through the ongoing crisis. And we discussed the generous offers of members and friends who are able and willing to donate their government stimulus money to the church. I know that I am in that fortunate position of continuing to work as usual, and also receiving the stimulus money. My plan is to donate the money to the Church’s general fund. Last year we were not able to fund the minister’s discretionary fund. Reverend Carol is in a unique position to see and respond to the needs of people at Westside and in the wider community. Contributing to our general fund enables the board of trustees to budget money to pay our staff, keep the church going, and yes, to make sure that Reverend Carol has the money to help those in need from the discretionary fund.

Many thanks to those considering donating to Westside in this way. I know that however and whatever you choose to donate, you have the best interests of our community at heart.

Chris Edkins

If you're interested in donating to Westside, visit our online donation page.

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