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Whenever I’m talking to another congregant about serving as Board president, they’re usually surprised to find out that the part I find the most challenging is writing the blog. I am much more comfortable writing meeting agendas, running meetings, pitching ideas, and leading discussions than I am writing a tight summation for the website of what the board has been up to within the last month. So much so that it’s been since February since I’ve written to you all.

The past few months the board has been busy with budget and canvass season, culminating in this past Sunday when the congregation voted on a final budget for the coming year and remaining board members. I’m pleased that Grechen Wingerter has agreed to serve Westside as the new President Elect. She joins Helen Rose as the incoming Trustee. Please thank each of them when you see them next for taking on these important tasks.

Passing a final budget is often a time where we focus on lack, lamenting over things that must be cut to be financially solvent. I know that it may sound like spin to present the idea that now is a time to be proud and celebrate. We were able to pass a budget that is balanced and does not rely on income coming in from an unknown source to be figured out later. Westside is strong because of its commitment from its members and friends. That commitment is shown from financial donations, from Saturdays spent weeding flower beds, even from actions as simple as putting away hymnals after service.

Summer is often the time when Westside feels more informal – many people travel and many of our longtime members return for the summer. We are lucky at Westside to have a friend of the congregation coming in to volunteer this summer to fulfill service hours for her university’s honors program. We are also strongly involved with Pride Month and will be hosting a special service in conjunction with other UU churches in the area. And you can’t forget Hogwarts either!

I look forward to hearing your stories about where your Summer takes you, whether as part of a vacation or more of a spiritual journey. Keep cool, keep calm, and keep the faith.


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