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Reflecting on Westside Music

Pssst… You. Yes YOU.

It’s that time of year again. Where we evaluate our current music program and decide on the best way to support and structure music going into the next church year.

I need your help. Yes YOU.

Whether you feel fed by our music offerings or wish there was something more. Whether you sing along with the hymns or enjoy listening to those around you. Whether you sing in the choir or play an instrument. Whether you consider yourself musical or not. Whether you like the gray hymnal or the teal. Whether you like chanting or traditional hymns or spirituals or uptempo or musical meditation or …. Silence.

Now is the time to speak up!

As your music coordinator, I’m hoping to bring music that enhances your worship experience, connects you to the message of the sermon, and provides opportunities for both reflection and inspiration. I want to give you music that is familiar while challenging you to experience something new.

I cannot do this alone!

So, please, before the end of March - email me ( and share with me: what do you want to see in the future from our music programming?

And, as always - do you have musical gifts to share? Connections to musicians in the community who may want to share their talents during a Sunday service? Email me! Together, we can have a vibrant musical presence!

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