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Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Our Fall Retreat

Some of the biggest events that happen at Westside are happening in the next few weeks—and even days! Be sure to come to the Auction this Saturday, Oct. 13 starting at 6pm! Check the newsletter and website for more information on this fun yearly event that gives us a chance to celebrate Westside and support the work of the church!

After you have a great time there, remember to register for the annual fall retreat: Camp Lackadogma. We spend the weekend of Nov. 2-4 at Pickett State Park enjoying several activities in the lodge and the surrounding areas—everything from puzzles and card games to hiking and biking. There truly is something for everyone.

We share the making of and eating of several meals (if you have certain dietary restrictions or preferences, please bring whatever you like to eat). It’s just a cozy place to tuck in and enjoy each other’s company. While we have no set schedule, the weekend typically looks like this:

Friday-everyone arrives and claims their bunkhouse or cabin. Meals are on your own, although there is always something to snack on at the lodge. People usually wander into the lodge and start puzzles, conversations, and games.

Saturday-starts with breakfast in the lodge. After that people choose their activities-hikes, puzzles, games, bird watching, etc. If you have favorite games or activities, bring them: someone will be happy to join you! Lunch and dinner will be served and the evening usually ends with a campfire and s’mores.

Sunday-morning breakfast is followed by the retreat service led by Rev. Carol. After that everyone pitches in to help clean up the lodge and bunkhouses. Some people stay and hike a little more, others head back to Knoxville.

Various Notes on What to Bring:

BUNKHOUSES: Bring your own bedding/sleeping bag/pillow. The bunkhouses consist of 2 wings of 2-level bunk beds. Some of the beds have comfy mattresses, others are, well, the opposite. Bring your own towels/toiletries. Shower shoes (like cheap flip-flops) are also nice. Bunkhouses and bathrooms are heated.

Bring a flashlight or two. It is quite dark away from the buildings.

Bring a comfy camp chair (ideally, with your name on it) for in/outdoors use.

Bring games, balls, Frisbees, bicycles, instruments, books, cards,...whatever you like for yourself and to share.

Bring some marshmallow and/or hot dog skewers for over the campfire if you have them.

Watch the weather reports and dress accordingly for the weekend.

Bring any specialty foods you might want - there is a walk-in fridge/freezer and plenty of storage space in kitchen.

Bring your children. There are two large playgrounds for small children, with lots of swings and slides.

Lodging: If folks want to rent a private cabin, they can check availability directly with Pickett State Park. The cabin rental number is 1-877-260-0010. Pickett State Park:

Have fun!


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