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Music Happens

I want to recap briefly three conversations I had during the Activities Fair this past Sunday. I think they'll shed some light on my vision of music ministry in our congregation. And maybe they'll inspire you to come be a part of it!

The first conversation was about why our services don't have much variety in musical instruments. We have a steady stream of piano and choir voices, but couldn't we have some more diversity in timbre and style? My answer: Absolutely! The biggest challenge we have as a smaller congregation is that we don't have much funding to pay guest musicians. What that means is that I need help identifying instrumentalists within our congregation and members who might have musician friends willing to donate their time and talent for us on a Sunday morning. Do you fit into one of those two categories? Please contact me:

The second conversation was with someone in our congregation who is learning to play harmonica through her wellness program. We joked that she only knows one song (“Taps!”), but I told her - and am reminding her here - that as she adds new songs to please let me know. Are you or someone in your family (of any age!) a budding musician? Please contact me:

The third conversation involved an entire family wanting to contribute to Westside’s music program. (Sensing the theme yet?) One professed a love of singing but “no talent” - I get this a lot - and I offered her private time to gain confidence in her singing ability. I'm making that offer to anyone in the congregation. If you want to learn to sing, let's get together! Please contact me:

Can you tell where this is going? Music is for us all! Whether you want to contribute a

talent or a connection, whether you're just getting started or a seasoned musician, whether you'd like to be front and center or hidden away in the corner, there is a place for you in Westside’s music program. All you have to do is…. contact me:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Make a joyful noise! Anne

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