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Another Year at Westside

June is passing by, and July's rolling in. That means my year as president is coming to an end. Looking back over the last twelve months, I'd have to say that Westside is moving forward, doing a lot better than just okay. Every Sunday it seems we see a new face. Our congregation is growing at a nice little pace. Children's RE is continuing to expand, and adult RE classes appear to be in high demand. The upcoming budget shortfall caused a crisis of sort, but the congregation came to the rescue by increasing their support. We're certainly not traveling on easy street, because I fear that if we don't do something good, it'll be the same situation next year. Throughout the year, the Board had a lot of issues to pursue, but I guess that’s something that will always be true.

As I wrote in my blog a couple of months back, a church is made up of people, and when it comes to running the church, people are sometimes what we lack. For committees and various projects, volunteers are always needed. Hopefully, the call for them will always be heeded. So, I hope more folks volunteer and try to do their part. Signing up to greet would be a good start. Get in there and help make Westside run. Don’t sit back and think that others will get it done.

I said in my first blog that I hoped the coming year would be the best in our history. I guess whether that came true or not will have to remain a mystery. Beginning July first, Barry Shumpert will take my place, and the board will move forward with new issues to face. I have tried during my tenure to give it my best, although at times it seemed that I was put to the test. Continue your journey and for truth and wisdom may you search. Westside is always there. See you in church.

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