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Dear Friends,

For many of us, talking publicly about money can be uncomfortable. We are often trained to be very discreet about our finances, and sometimes we feel shy, embarrassed, or awkward when it comes to open conversation about how we choose to spend and save. And yet there are very few topics that have more influence over our sense of well-being, safety, and security than money. And just as true for institutions as it is for individuals.

Westside is currently holding our annual ‘pledge’ campaign, the time when we ask our members and friends to make a financial commitment for the coming fiscal year. We do this in order to plan well, and to make good choices for the health and sustainability of our organization. We need to know how much we can afford to pay staff in the coming

year, what special projects we can finance, and how much we can allocate to committees. These decisions, in turn, determine what our time together looks like: whether or not we have paid nursery workers, what the grounds look like, how much time the staff has to help with the personal concerns of families, or how many special events we can hold. In a larger sense, it determines how well we are able to maintain our building, and whether or not we have the resources to reach out to possible new folks who might find a home with us.

In a time when discretionary spending is decreasing, and costs of living are rising, it’s hard to choose how to spend our resources. But as you consider how much to pledge this year, I invite you to remember why you came to Westside in the first place. Perhaps you were looking for other like-minded people, or a place to be renewed and inspired in your life. Maybe you wanted an opportunity to be of service to the community, or to be connected to a larger sense of purpose. Whatever brought you to Westside, we want to continue to provide for our community a place of open minds, loving hearts and helping hands. Your financial support of Westside, no matter the size, matters. Together, we can continue to create a safe haven for those seeking shelter, a center of knowledge and information for those seeking learning, and a loving community where all questions, all concerns, and all gifts, are welcome.

Thanks for being part of Westside,

Rev. Carol

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