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Tell Us Your Westside Story!

By Elizabeth Corbett, Programs & Membership Coordinator

Greetings from sunny St. Petersburg! David and I are having a great time biking the flat trails, watching the dolphins, and viewing the sunset from the dock. Absolutely wonderful. The warmth and sunshine feed my soul, and David’s along for the ride.

First on the agenda for membership activities is an appeal for people who would like to be part of the second round of writing a “get to know you/autobiography” for the trifold in the back of the sanctuary. Only a page long, and I will give you an outline and some questions you can use to direct your writing–and, if no one volunteers, I’ll be directly asking people (and, really, it’s so much more gratifying to volunteer!). Just email me at to let me know you’re willing to share your story with other Westsiders!

Westside’s Justice and Generosity Project for the first part of 2023 is in full swing. I’ve gotten reports that you have filled the bin in the foyer with your donations a couple of times! Just a reminder about this project:

Samantha Monday, a substance abuse case manager with the Knox County Sheriff's Department, created a program called Bridging the Gap. This initiative gives people who have gotten sober in jail continuing support once they exit the jail system. Westside in the past helped her by providing direct assistance to individuals get into transitional housing and by collecting clothing and other essentials. In addition, any time one of us donates to KARM and indicates that we want Westside to be credited with the donation, we receive 'points' in the Corners of Your Field program, and receive KARM gift cards which we then pass along to Samantha to give to people in need. Right now these are items she needs:

● mens’ and women’s hoodies and sweatshirts (sizes medium, large and XL)

● men’s and women’s chinos, jeans and sweatpants (sizes Medium, Large and XL)

● men’s and women’s underwear and bras

● string backpacks and cloth bags with handles

The tops and bottoms can be new or gently used (no stains, rips, or holes), but it’s nicer if the underwear and bras are new. Thank you for filling that bin in the foyer with your donations! If you have ideas for the next Justice and Generosity project for later this year, contact me at with your suggestions!

Reverend Carol and the Worship Committee have presented sermons about the different kinds of love, and this support of Samantha’s program shows caring, goodwill, passion, kindness and respect. So many ways to express love!

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