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Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward

Anne Scott, Music Coordinator and Choir Director

As I wrap up preparations for my final service as your Music Coordinator, I want to reflect back on our time together.

Four years ago, Westside took a chance on a girl with a calling toward music ministry. A young(er) woman with little experience in conducting a choir and no music degree, just a passion for spreading joy through song. You took a risk, allocating a part of your budget toward giving her budding music ministry a chance. And what a splendid time we’ve had together!

We have sung in joy and in sorrow, explored new styles of music, and found ways to play with our voices. We have sung in rounds and in parts, hummed, clapped, and closed our eyes. We have sung in different languages and different tempos. We learned more about our UU hymns and composers. And, what I’m most proud of, we encouraged each other to sing. When we sing together, we breathe together, we focus our intent together - simply put: singing builds community.

There are no words to adequately describe how immensely honored and grateful I feel to have been part of helping to sustain this community for the past four years. I leave you all as a more experienced, confident song leader. I leave with new friendships, singers and non-singers alike. I leave with a renewed calling to explore the ways music can help to inspire, comfort, and connect.

Of course, music at Westside is not created alone. I need to extend MANY thank yous to all those who contributed to music and help turn my wild ideas into reality. First and foremost, to Geoff and all of the members of our choir for volunteering their time and showing up for rehearsals every week ready to sing. Thank you to Rev. Carol for giving me space to be creative and try out new ideas. Thanks for those who have played instruments, including regular accompanists Geoff, Mary, and Sandra. Special thank you to Brad, who hunts me down once a month for these blog posts. And thanks to all those who have listened, brought suggestions, and sung when I asked you to sing. You are all loved.

I hope I’ve lived up to your expectations in taking that risk four years ago. And I hope you continue to take risks in creating music in worship and beyond!

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