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Easter Egg Hunt & Community Service

Tuesday afternoon I was out on the playground when I happened upon a bright blue robin’s egg resting on the ground. As I picked it up, I could feel the little bird moving around inside; I was so happy to know it was still alive. I had just noticed a pair of robins tending a nest over light on the building, so I gently placed the egg back in the nest.

A few minutes later, the mama bird came back and sat in the nest, warming and protecting the eggs. What an unexpected egg hunt! And how timely, as we’ve been preparing for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt is on Sunday, April 21 at noon. The 3rd Sunday potluck will also be held after the service.

This year we’re going to include a service project with our Easter celebrations. We are asking members of our congregation to bring in items to support the work of Knox County Sheriff’s Department Substance Abuse Case Manager, Samantha Monday. Ms. Monday will be speaking at the April 28th service, “Amazing Grace and You.”

With many years experiences working in local criminal justice—currently as a case manager assessing inmates for addiction treatment, and previously as a correctional counsellor—Ms. Monday has a great deal to share about the current condition of our corrections system, the options available for inmates attempting to move successfully back into the community, and also about how we can help.

We are asking for donations of the following to be brought in on Easter Sunday:

  • Sweat pants all sizes (more mediums plus)

  • Men’s clothes (30-38 waist) jeans and shorts

  • Pants and Shorts for women (elastic waist is good)

  • Pajama pants for men and women

  • Sports bras

  • Boxers

  • Travel size toiletries (no razors, no mouthwash)

As we come together in community on Easter, may we all remember how fragile life can be for those of us who have found ourselves outside of the nest in one way or another. May our congregation offer up our warm hearts, open minds, and caring hands in support as we honor the inherent worth of each individual.

For more information please contact Wendy at or 865.226.9191

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