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Season of Rest

Music cannot happen without silence, without space. In musical notation, we call this a rest. Pictured is a quarter-note rest, but there are all different lengths of rest. Some are shorter, some are longer, some are much, much longer. In fact, I just got a new piece of music this week with Knoxville Choral Society where I literally have PAGES of rest.

Similarly, our lives have periods of productivity followed by rest. We return to sleep each evening. We take vacations or breaks from school and work. Winter is a time of rest, silence, and awaiting the return of Spring.

Coming off of my recent move and frantic holiday season, I was greeted with a period of much needed rest. No musical obligations, time off of work, and most of the unpacking done. I was able to spend time with my family, cook, and get myself organized and prepared for the work ahead. I sat on the couch and binge-watched Netflix and NFL football. I took baths and read mystery novels.

Now, the “notes” of my life are emerging from the silence. Our Westside Choir is back in full swing (rehearsals on Tuesday evenings - email me for details) along with my other musical groups. I’m headed out of town next week on a business trip. My kids are back at school, my husband back at work, and the house is bustling with activity. And, thanks to a long period of rest, I feel ready to conquer it all.

So, this is my encouragement to you: make your life, your music, more than just endless, frantic notes. Add some silence, some rest. You can choose a short rest or a very long rest - it’s all up to you. I wish you renewed energy to make marvelous music.

Ready to get involved with music at Westside? Reach out!

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