Everything changes and nothing stands still

Heraclitus,  535 BC – 475 BC

This year at Westside is a year for trying new things, experimenting, adapting, and seeing what works well. And everyone has a voice in the process.  Though we will all have to adapt and compromise some, together we’ll be creating the best possible new, welcoming, Westside. 

With that in mind, we present our new Sunday schedule, set to begin September 4th.

  • Morning meetings—9:00-10:30am: There will continue to be meeting time for those groups who already hold them before worship starts (e.g. the Board, the RE Committee, the Committee on Ministry)

  • Worship—11-11:45am: Worship will be slightly shorter, and be for all ages every week,.  This means that the children will not be sung out of the sanctuary to their classes, but rather have full participation in all services.  And we will be trying some creative variations on our Order of Service, while maintaining the most treasured and familiar elements.

  • Coffee Hour—11:45-12:15: Then we’ll all have a slightly longer time for fellowship and eating (with more substantial snacks each week) during coffee hour, which will also serve as a transition into Religious Education time for children and adults

  • Religious Education for all ages—12:15-1pm : From 12:15-1pm, there will be RE offerings for all ages.  The children will have their usual classes, while the adults can choose from a range of possible classes (depending on the week), including discussions about the sermon, Compassionate Communication, focused adult RE courses, and other options.  This is also a time for other groups to hold meetings, if they choose.

  • Potluck Sundays: On 3rd Sundays, there will be no RE classes in order to allow us all to gather together for potluck and extended fellowship. 

  • Sunday Afternoon Classes: There will likely also be additional Sunday afternoon RE options during the year, including OWL (Our Whole Lives sexuality education) for our youth, starting at 1:30 or 2pm.

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