Earth-Based Spirituality &

Mystical Traditions

This group will focus on exploring beliefs and practices of earth-centered and mystical spiritual traditions from around the world. In our gatherings, we will include a few components: (1) learning about various traditions through teaching and explanation, (2) experiential practice of various techniques (rituals, meditations, etc) and (3) discussion of how these traditions, ideas and practices impact us on our own spiritual journeys.  We’ll be including information from the mystical portions of major world religions, as well as from indigenous traditions, and neo-pagan traditions (e.g. shamanism, Celtic and other European revival religions).  And everyone in the circle will have a chance to share what they know from experience in these various traditions.  We hope to have the group lead at least one Sunday worship service this year, as well, as a way of sharing our experience with the whole congregation.  

The group will be meeting approximately twice each month, generally on the first and third Sundays, and will also have roughly 2-3 evening gatherings each quarter, on other days of the week. 

Westside Unitarian Universalist Church

616 Fretz Road

Knoxville, TN 37934

(865) 777-9882

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