Learn the Techniques of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Friday 11/1 7-9 p.m.

Saturday 11/2 10a to noon

Sunday 11/3 1:30 - 3:30p



“Sahaj” means natural, effortless. 
“Samadhi” is a profound state of our conscious mind.

Sahaj Samadhi is a simple and highly effective technique to connect to one-self, and it gives us the deepest form of relaxation in a very short time.

Proper, regular meditation can benefit everyone. The busier we get in life the more we need to practice meditation! Meditation improves our perception, observation and expression.

Why Sahaj Samadhi Meditation?: 
There are many great meditation techniques available today. Meditation techniques are broadly categorized in 3 types:
1. Through using power of concentration: This requires considerable amount of time and energy.
2. Through contemplation: A lot of effort involved, hard to contain this experience in practical way of life.
3. Transcendental : Sahaj Samadhi meditation follows this method, which is natural, effortless, and vast in its experience. You can obtain deepest possible level of Samadhi using personalized sound (called seed Mantra or "Beej Mantra").  

Research on effects of @ArtofLiving SahajSamadhi meditation on cardiovascular health, nervous system & clinical depression received the award for best research at the 17th Annual World Psychiatry Conference in Berlin.
Here is a short video, wherein an experienced Art of Living teacher, Ms. Rajshree Patel, talks about what is Sahaj Samadhi and it’s benefits. 
Sahaj Samadhi Meditation | The Art of Living
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (founder of Sahaj Samadhi meditation) has explained it in a short video : https://youtu.be/O20yQvzK7gg

Criteria: 18 years and above age group can learn Sahaj Samadhi meditation. There is no other pre-requisites. 

Cost is $395/person for all three days
Westsiders qualify for a 10% discount. If interested, email office@westsideuuc.org for coupon code.

Register here: https://tinyurl.com/Knoxville-Sahaj


The Art of Living USA is Not Affiliated With Westside UU Church

Ostara celebration with Enodia's Grove
Open to the Public · Hosted by Elaanie S.

March 21st, 6:30-9:30


Ostara, or the Vernal Equinox, is a time of equal light and dark - a moment of balance as the days grow warmer and life returns to the land. Though Ostara is based on a Germanic fertility celebration which honors the Goddess Eostre, pagans all over the world have been celebrating this season as far back as we know. The flowers bloom, babies are born, the earth warms and we plant and prepare for a season of growth and plenty. Yet if we are to reap the desired harvest, we must first tend to the soil. We must rid the fields of pests and obstacles which would hinder growth! We must consider what crops are best suited to the environment - and what is needed. And so it is with humanity as well.

Come join Enodia's Grove as we turn the Wheel towards the Sun and celebrate this great season of fertility!

Potluck to follow! Please contact Jessica Jones of Enodia's Grove on FB for details about the potluck.


For more information feel free to contact Elaanie Stormbender by private message on Facebook or by email: ElaanieStormbender@gmail.com.

For more information and a rundown of the evening's event, visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/632306044239156/​

Elaanie Stormbender

2020 Saturday Sabbat Dates: evenings on these dates, from 6:30-9:30p.m.

February 1 - Imbolc

March 21 - Vernal Eqinox

May 2 - Beltane

June 20 - Summer Solstice

August 1 - Lughnasadh 

September 19 - Fall Equinox

November 7 - Samhain

December 19 - Yule

All events are from 6:30-9:30p.m.


For more information, contact Rev. Carol Bodeau at

The Knoxville Intuitive Center: The Basics of Intuitiveness

Monthly on various Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

(Check calendar above to confirm)

February 5th Meeting:  The Transmission of Affect

Join Colin at the Knoxville Intuitive Center Meetup for a discussion and guided meditation about the transmission of affect.
This class will introduce basic techniques for recognizing you are experiencing
a transmission of affect, and what to do to stop it.
The transmission of affect is the action of the emotion and reality of one person or group being absorbed by or entering directly into another.
Each attendee will receive intuitive information.

The Knoxville Intuitive Center offers intuitive development training which includes how to see and work with the human energy field. Learn to understand the intertwining of body and spirit.

Participants will receive useful information from a panel of intuitives about their relationships, career, feelings and obstacles, to provide a deeper understanding of the hidden dynamics in their lives.

Facilitator Colin Chipps is the founder and director of the Lexington and Knoxville Intuitive Centers and has taught intuitive development to the general public for over 30 years. Colin was a guest speaker at the International Transactional Analysis Association in Oaxaca Mexico on the subject of intuition and consults with people worldwide. He has developed a unique and accessible teaching curriculum for intuitive development as a form of self improvement.

Learn more at our Facebook Events page.

Register here: https://www.meetup.com/The-Knoxville-Intuitive-Center/

The Knoxville Intuitive Center is not affiliated with Westside UU Church.

Next Meeting February 5th 6:30

Colin Chipps

Westside Unitarian Universalist Church

616 Fretz Road

Knoxville, TN 37934

(865) 777-9882

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